Save a Child's Life: Ban Psychiatry and its School Shooting Drugs

Today we are greeted with news of yet another school shooting. Guns, like knives or any weapons are inanimate objects. To understand why anyone would perform such harmful acts one has to look at psychiatric drugs. Nobody in their right mind would do such a…Read More

How Does It Feel? Psychiatry Destroying Lives

The following note was passed to me. I share it to give you some idea of how psychiatry is still every day destroying people. Think not only of this note, but also of the MILLIONS of medicated children all over the world who are having their future destroyed…Read More

Just ask your Doctor Whats Right For Murder

We have all heard it; "just ask your doctor whats right for you!" but what does that mean? Apparently if you wish to become a psychotic killer you can just ask the doctor whats right for you too! In the latest episode of Americans killing each other we have a…Read More

Psychiatry Still USES SHOCK "TREATMENT" (Torture)

Many people do not realise that electro-shock is still used as a form of "treatment" in local hospitals with psychiatric units. This IS torture. It originated by a psychiatrist watching a pig-killing line and deciding the same stunning by shock could be used…Read More

New Video Documentary

Hello! This morning the news is a new school shooting in Ohio; although I have not seen info on it, it is highly likely the shooter was on medication; all earlier school shootings have been this way. Today I have for you a new video from another facebook…Read More

A new anti-psychiatry video (in English); PLEASE SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE!

Hi guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, It has been a while but here is something worth writing about; a new anti-psychiatry song to spread the message! Let us know how you like it! And do share it around! and thanks to Eugene Shakov for the song! We will…Read More

Medication: Side Effects Are Actually Main Effects

Hi folks! If you have not signed already the petition is at: As someone once pointed out to me, the so-called "side effects" of medication are not side effects at all; they ARE THE MAIN EFFECTS since these are the effects…Read More
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