Get 75 cheap $12.50 phones, equipment for SMS relaying, and more airtime to help Burundians quell rumors, communicate to prevent violence, and build their communities

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) Burundi focuses on trauma healing in a small East African post-conflict nation. Using a combines model of Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) with the model of Trauma Healing, proven in South African, to produce continuing community level engagement. They use the community--not ethnicities or history--to empower a peaceful and civil society.

Currently they are leveraging HROC existing network of outreach in local communities to monitor, mediate, and respond to the elections currently taking place in Burundi over the next several months. Members of these communities who have taken workshops and are still involved with HROC are uniquely suited to this position due to their increasingly more prominent peace making role, as well as the training they've received. The goal of this cause is to help multiple the effect of the existing network through leveraging mobile communication (SMS sending, groups, and broadcasts, as well as voice calling).

1. 40 dollars is the yearly average rural Burundian usable income

2. This is a long-term ongoing trauma healing and community building project

3. More info about the HROC workshops and program is at http://aglifpt.org/Program/hroc.htm