india : what i think of it as

what is real india ? its a awesome country filled with the fools who are ruled by the most assholic personality, who will accept to turn into mutherfuckers to save their throne, youths are here ready to change this shit for good but the old timer fuckin…Read More

U.S hazare ramdev and the mumbai incident

I cant believe it we indians boast of our intelligence and on the other end our ruling parties are dumber than the farmers the Us is supplying pak wid ammunatn to attack india and we proudly welcm their president to create jobs in our country where is ramdev…Read More

Eradicate poverty from INDIA

Tell us small steps should be taken by our government to remove poverty that would make big changes in future??

keep goin

keep goin 100 more members needed

big surprise

let this cause have more than 150 members and ull have a big surprise

more youth

guys please invite more people to this cause

idea on less poverty

i have a idea the people who live on roadsides or slums why not pick those guys and recruit them in some form of government work like to recruit them in traffic police work or something like physical work and to tell them that corruption is a bad thing and…Read More
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