ACT Tonight

The shooters are out tonight and so are the protestors. Thank you to those brave souls out there in the freezing cold and all those warriors sitting in front of your computers. Shooters are meeting at Coppins Crossing waiting to start killing our defenceless…Read More

Shooting has started in the Culling Captial

To all of you in ACT your kangaroos as I type are being killed on the Northern Side. Shooting has started. Please do whatever you can safely to disrupt this. You may not be able to stop it but you can make it bloody difficult for them So don't throw your arms…Read More

Thank you to all those who have joined

As of 5.30pm AEST we have 331 members! Thank you so much to those who have joined, please keep spreading the word to all your contacts and invite other like minded souls to join. Keep those letters,emails and phone calls coming to the ACT Govt. They need to…Read More

Email the ACT Chief Minister and demand culling stop

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