$35,000 REWARD

Have not been on here in a bit. I see more people have joined and you're all awesome!! For those of you that know us, you're aware that Daddy's case is still unsolved. Get the word out, keep it alive, and God Bless all!! UPDATE #1 Thanks for helping us grow…Read More

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Awesome growth in cause. Thanks in helping our family to get the public's awareness going again. Please keep recruiting!!! Maybe if we can get enough members we can reach "the powers that be" and they will begin acting on this case again. Thanks again to an…Read More

Keep getting word around. No new members in couple of weeks. Thanks

Keep getting word out!

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Member base still growing!!! Please keep telling everyone and keep saying a prayer for this cause. Prayers work miracles. Thanks to everyone for recruiting their family and friends. Keep it up!! And- Natalie thank you-you have recruited 14 members.…Read More

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Thanks to everyone

Members are growing daily which means awareness of this case being unsolved is growing daily as well. Thanks to all and keep recruiting!
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