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On the 8th of June 2017 we must get a mandate to get away from May.


Make sure you have registered to vote and will be saying No to our bampot of a neighbour on the 8th of June 2017

Don't you love good neighbours ! Cause they sure do love you !! :(

Would you give your neighbour your wallet and ask her to manage it and spend it as she saw fit.

Would you allow your neighbour to discuss matters of grave importance on your behalf, with other possibly hostile neighbours, who could change the course of your life dramatically

Would you allow your neighbour to impose limitations on your consumption, habits, addictions, movements and dictate what benefits and allowances would be stopped from going to your household.

Would you be shocked and angry to find out that your neighbour had been spying on you and was also making decisions on your behalf, decisions that you had already opposed. Decisions that the UN (United Neighbours) had already said were abuses of your human rights.

Would you be angry that although your house was totally self sufficient in everything, your neighbour had been selling your your electricity, gas and oil and although she had made over £300 billion she had blown it all in the local boozer called the "The fight and supply the World with Arms"

Even although your neighbour had blown this billion pound profits from your self sufficient home. She is now on verge of being declared bankrupt, she is so desperate that she will soon be going after the trillion pound equity on your home, after getting rid of the neighbourhood watch.

Instead of saying sorry !
She shouted I want more I want austerity on this side of the fence. So deeper into your pocket you had to dig.

Previously when you complained her previous partner in corruption wrote to and told the whole neighbourhood about your plight in his words and how the folk on your side of the fence did not deserve a fair fight. So he had the neighbourhood watch tell lies and spread propaganda about his wonderful relationship with you.

Then although when whole situation was out of control and now damaging your reputation. Your neighbour bought a tannoy and ignored the terms of use and drowned out your cries with a pack of lies about she felt better, stronger and stable knowing that she was better together with you, her very generous neighbour.

Then one day in June she leaned over the fence and said sorry neighbour I do not mean to be rude, but ...

... I have decided that you and I are shutting them out - building a new wall and we will be processing all the visitors on our doorstep and not in the street anymore.

I do not care if you do not agree, you don't have a say in anything at all including the fracking that I will impose on the local area, with or without your consent, when we are no longer part of the neighbourhood watch."

Think about it and

Vote wisely on the 08-06-17

Only an SNP majority will secure the right to evict our crazy neighbour, when the time is right.

We really do need to untether ourselves from the crazy neighbour Theresa May and her little tyrant tories.

For there is a Brexit disaster on its way and we could all lose our homes and lives through it.

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