Back to Revoke the 1999 order to move Scotland's marine boundaries making Scots Sea, English

Scotland let's say NO to this Conservative dictatorship.


The Conservative Government are now taking liberties with the jobs and the rights of the Scottish people.

WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND NOW - attend the next march - live record it on facebook as Glasgow City Council turn the cameras off and the BBC well do I need say anymore apart from pathetic.

So how do we do take back our country, just wait till Westminster has stopped being a dictatorship and stops bending the election laws. Even Henry McLeish the man who sanctioned the 1999 order to move our marine boundaries is up in arms about they way Westminster is acting towards the Scots.

No we have to say NO to leaving the EU or we have to play the system and get a general election, then we need to demand from the electoral commission exit polls and then maybe we can once again get the vital a mandate we need to walk away from the UK.

This Government petition is at 14,702 signatures, we need it up to as close to 100,000 as possible. As I am sure the SNP will be delighted to force the debate into the chambers even if it has not reached the full 100,000.

The Scotland Office have replied with the usual negative response.

So let's get this discussed in Parliament.

However strangely there has been a few problems with the email links failing. If you are having problems you can take it up with the Government directly at or you can email them at [email protected] or maybe you would rather inform them verbally for free of the problems you are having (Freephone) 0800 112 4272.

There is also another petition to have a general election before article 50 is sent. Currently at 12,977 signatures

If both of these can be debated in parliament and a General election is called on the basis of referendum fraud etc
(which may need someone to set up a third petition)

Scotland may have a chance to get her mandate back to leave the UK and article 50 may be delayed due to a general election being called.


Please sign both these petitions - lets give the current Conservatives Dictatorship a real big headache.

The Scotsman - English petition to kick Scotland out of UK hijacked by Scots.

Read more at:

I say let the Scottish hijackers have there day in Westminster and let's get STV to film it, so that the debate cannot be edited out by the BBC.

(Please Note - the image is not 100% representational as the HMRC will also be making job losses in England as well and a lot of the 2800 jobs in Croydon will be due to relocation. Although the Tax offices in East Kilbride and Cumbernauld are due to close they maybe intend building new ones in Edinburgh and Glasgow, with a special division in Gartcosh. This will still have a major impact on the workers from East Kilbride and Cumbernauld. Full details of these changes can be found at the link below)

One wonders what the sense is in this shake up when HMRC are in meltdown and are still owed over £80 billion by the big corporations like Starbucks and Amazon etc. Facebook well they did pay £2000 Corporation tax last year.

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