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Why are the people of Scotland not talking and doing more to stop the lies, the deception and the theft that happens with the chambers of Westminster and the Scottish Office when the subject of how to govern Scotland comes up.


Alistair Carmichael – on the telly ! publically, lied to the people of Scotland and was excused on a legal technicality! Whit!

This is the man, who wanted to scrap the Scottish Office, before he became Secretary of State for Scotland.

Ruth Davidson – publically let it out the bag that they had sampled to postal vote which is illegal

Apparently this is not being investigated as all the Unionist parties were sampling the postal vote and running statistics from it. Who knows maybe they tampering with it and used it to inject No votes into the counting stations.

Tony Blair - Authorised the order to move our Marine Boundaries 80 miles North of the internationally recognize boundary on the grounds of fishing.

The deception lies in the full order no longer being published at the Scottish Office as the pages with the Queens signature had been removed.

See amended and the original versions

The Scottish Conservatives commissioned a report on Scotland economy but tried to keep it a secret from the Scottish people; they passed the report to Scottish Labour and they continued the deception.

Watch this video

Margaret Thatcher deliberate deceived the Scottish People about the value of the oil as she sold the rights to drill the sea bed for not nearly enough money.

Please if you have not done so already stand up for Scotland

No matter who you voted, what you voted
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