Our goal - build an aquaponic food production facility to fulfill our mission to promote alternative, sustainable food production systems

Grow Your Own Meal aims to operate educational facilities in local communities across the US to teach children about the environment and the importance of agriculture, inspire backyard enthusiasts to adopt new means of growing their own food and encourage farm entrepreneurs to adopt new methods of farming as part of their stewardship of our natural resources. Compounding factors of increased population, higher energy costs, scarcity of fresh water and depletion of farmland will lead to the necessity of changing agriculture practices in the United States and across the world. Grow Your Own Meal will help change these practices by educating communities on alternative ways to produce food locally.

1. http://www.growyourownmeal.org

2. implement renewable energy solutions for food production facilities

3. education about alternative growing techniques

4. empower year-round local food production

5. low water resource farming