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Hello it's me again, I just want to thank all of you for joining this cause and those of you who have recruited members. There hasn't been much activity in August on here and I was hoping you all could repost and get some more members. I was recently at a consiliation hearing as an outsider, these people say they do what is in the best interest of the children. Well from what I have seen this is not true. The hearing didn't last long due to the fact the consiliation officer was in a hurry to go on vacation. Plaintiff nor defendant really had a say in anything. They left there being told they need to go for psychiatric evaluation before a trial. Do they even consider how these people are suppose to come up with the money for this?($3400.00) No, but they damn sure want their money for being there and doing nothing to help you. They were given reports from a psychiatrist on the child , who is considered mentally disabled, and it seems to me that it was totally ignored. Well I am pretty sure that a psychiatrist is considered a professional just as they are. One of the parties will probably be able to pay, cause their mommy and daddy bail this individual out of everything. For as long as I have known this individual, they have never done anything on their own.
My main concern is the child in this situation, 1 parent wants the child every other week, even during school. All children need consistency, but children with disabilities need it even more. This parent says this would be better for the child, as far as I am concerned this parent isn't even thinking of the child,just of themselves,also to me it is a"get even tactic and make me look like a good parent" This child often complains and cries about going there, the child has even done it in front of the parent. Now how could one parent consider themselves a good parent by putting this child through this? This is one reason why everyone needs to listen to these children and stop ignoring them. Well I could go on but I have rambled enough. So please help this child so we can help others too. My petition on here and on cause 2 will all be fowarded to the governor, state, and whomever else I have on my list to change the laws.
Thank you again everyone!
Cindy Stewart- Administrator

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