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The Green Life Approach: Change The World Event-ually

The Green Life “greening” philosophy is rooted in efficiency, convenience, educating and entertaining. All the inputs and outputs of an event or venue must be considered in order to create the most comprehensive greening plan, one that is both effective and non-intrusive. Before Green Life began its greening operations, there was no simple and accessible way for consumers in India to find trusted, reliable information and “hands on” help to know how to make eco improvements.

Green Life strives to change the consciousness of the greater public one event at a time. We hope to build a green event that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and waste-free. Our products, signage and entire producer’s package traditionally result in a significant reduction of the waste stream. Typical events generate approximately 3 kilos of “trash” per attendee per day. Therefore, Green Life Expo is expected to generate 1 kilos. per attendee, or 20,000 kilos. of trash.

Our goal is to produce 1/5th of this. While such a goal is laudable, even more important is ensuring that the attendees of the event are aware of the environmental and health benefits of such eco-friendly conditions. While each event is temporary, the impressions that they can make on the awareness and behavior of each individual and community is lasting.

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