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The Green Life Mission Outline

We at Green Life are currently dedicated to achieving extensive greening practices with our event.

Here’s what we hope to accomplish, and we would really appreciate your support in this:

Green Life will ensure that a minimum amount of waste enters the waste stream by emphasizing efforts on reducing, reusing and recycling and commits to:

PAPERLESS TICKETING: Green Life utilizes paperless ticketing. There are no mailed tickets for any Green Life event; everything is electronic. There is no need to print your confirmation letter and bring it to the show.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Beyond paperless ticketing, Green Life is committed to using soft copy technology rather than printed material; for almost all advertising, PR and marketing. We work hard to avoid printing anything we don't have to.

VIRTUAL BROCHURES: To further reduce printing, all catalogs and brochures at Green Life can be viewed online.

TREE FREE & RECYCLED PRINTING: When we do have to print, all Green Life paper usage, whether it be invitations, posters or brochures, are at all times printed on recycled stock or tree free paper utilizing plant-based, non-toxic inks. We will print responsibly.

RECYCLED NAME BADGES: All exhibitor name badges are printed using recycled plastic materials, typically from water bottles. Collection points are always available at the event, so as to reuse all of the plastic badges at each event.

LESS CARPETING: At most trade shows, after a single event, the carpeting ends up in a landfill. Green Life prides itself in using minimal carpeting and eliminating its carpet footprint. Carpet is only at front entrance and speaker panels.

ECO FRIENDLY DISPLAYS: Exhibitors are encouraged to use eco-friendly display manufactures.

WASTE RECLAMATION: Green Life Expo is committed to providing clear, well-marked Resource Recovery Stations with Recycling and Trash bins.

SPONSOR WASTE: Green Life Expo engages with sponsors in finding alternatives that will allow them to both minimize waste and market themselves non-wastefully. With respect and a positive attitude, Go Green Expo commits to working with our exhibitors to ensure that they market themselves in ways that do not involve disposables, plastics, tree-paper or excessive packaging. Food and Product Donations - Reusable food and remaining product samples leftover from Green Life Expo will be donated to local food banks and homeless shelters.

REUSING EXISTING RESOURCES & MATERIALS: Working closely with the venue operators, Green Life Expo will ensure that a minimum of disposable ware is used. Disposable cups will be replaced with reusable mugs and/or bio-plastic. Disposable cutlery will be used at the event. 100% recycled paper napkins, will be used. Washable glassware, cutlery, plate-ware and coffee mugs will be used whenever and wherever possible.

Green Life Expo is dedicated to being carbon neutral, here is how:

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY USAGE: If available, Green Life Expo will power its events by solar, this will also depend upon the location.

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Green Life will actively monitor energy usage throughout the event, turning off lights where they are not being used, and utilizing day lighting whenever possible.

Green Life focuses on sponsors who are operate within principles of sustainability. .

ATTENDEE OUTREACH: Green Life encourages participants to reduce their environmental impact through advocating sustainable practices. Our marketing materials and website encourage all our attendees to bring their own personal reusable mugs and to use public transportation.

NON-PROFIT OUTREACH: In an effort to make the conference as accessible as possible, Green Life is offering a discounted booth rate to non-profit organizations.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Green Life offers students majoring in green business the opportunity to apply for discounted conference badges. To apply for these badges, please send an email to [email protected]


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