What is wrong with this picture

The following is a list of various causes and the number of members they have. Now I can understand how some people might feel about the Japanese Dolphin or other animal rights causes but I can't understand why the lack of interest in human suffering . I have…Read More

Urgent need for safe housing.

Greetings all.. I have been hearing from a lot of people lately who have become homeless due to mold and chemical sensitivities. I have friends trying to survive living in tents and cars in the dessert who desperately need safe housing. What I am trying to do…Read More

Time is runnig out

Greetings All. The threat of Monsanto GM crops is looming in our immediate future. This company already has control over 80% of the corn and 90% of the soy grown in the world. When you add to that the cross contamination effect onto otherwise , organic farms…Read More

How Much More ?

Greetings All. I wonder how much more we are willing to put up with before we commintt ourselves to taking action. Many things have happened in govt and the corporate world since I began this group and none of it is good for us., Monsanto has paid for the…Read More

Something I believe Could Really Help

Greeting All. Like many of you,, I find myself surrounded every day with people who are suffering with chronic illnesses. I have been trying to find some things that could really help us.. WEll,, I belkieve I have found another one here recently.. I actually…Read More

The Need Has Never Been Greater

Greetings All There has never been a time in our lives when we needed to band together and take action more than right now. Corporate America is poisoning almost everything on the planet including our food. Our health is deteriorating rapidly because of the…Read More

A very important cause.

Folks,, this group has not really become famous for taking action on anything but we are here,, and that at least shoes an interest. Well,, here is a cause that could impact all of our lives,, in a negative way,,, forever. I urge all of you to take action on…Read More
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