To get 5 or more million consumers to oppose the Durbin Bill to regulate interchange that will increase costs to consumers every time they use their credit cards.

Merchants rely on consumers to use their credit cards for all purchases during the holiday weekend, using your card leads to bigger purchases and impulse buying. The Durbin legislation will make the fees the merchant pays for the convenience of accepting cards now be paid by the consumer. So not only will we be paying our interest fee but also a fee for using the card at a merchant location. Merchants stand to gain even more profit by making the consumer pay their costs. Merchants have already stated that they will not pass the savings on to the consumer but may offer cash discounts. By only paying by cash on this holiday weekend we can send a clear message to the merchants that we do not want to pay for their convenience. We will also send a message to Rep Durbin and congress that we are being unfairly targeted.

1. Consumers already pay a lot in interest fees they shouldn't have to pay for a merchant's convenience to accept credit cards as payment.

2. If the Bill passes, merchants will lower their cost of doing business by passing it on to consumers, They will not be lowering their prices.

3. Merchants will be making more profit as they will be allowed to surcharge a credit card transaction.