I've created another group on linkedin.

I created a group on linkedin please follow the link below. You need to have a profile on Linkedin to join. There is no cost to joining linkedin. There are too many people who have blocked the causes application and cannot join. I was asked to move it to…Read More

Why this is important.

Thirty five years ago most people did not have a credit card and most merchants accepted only cash or checks. Since that time things have dramatically changed. Most people have several credit cards and at least one debit card and most merchants accept them…Read More

Please ask your friends to join. We need this to go Viral!

Thanks for joining the cause. While it may be a bit late to change the outcome of the Durbin Bill, this is more of a consumer protest. Most consumers don't know they will be paying the price for the merchant. AND NOT getting any savings as well as losing many…Read More

Another great article. Please share with your friends.


[Timothy B. Lee] Mike Konczal has a sharp response to my post on interchange fees. He's been following this issue more closely than me, so there's a lot of good information there. But one part of his argument that doesn't seem quite right is this: Is there…Read More

CONSUMER FINANCE: Consumers May Be Paying For Debit Card Reform

Most shoppers don't realize they are in the middle of a heated debate over the fees merchants pay to banks on debit-card transactions, but the outcome may bring steeper costs and fewer rewards for consumers. If a proposed bill to curb merchants' costs…Read More

MasterCard Urges House and Senate Conferees to Consider Severe Consequences of Durbin Amendment for American Consumers

Now that the Senate has approved The Financial Regulatory Reform Bill, MasterCard urges House and Senate conferees to reject the amendment tacked on by Senator Dick Durbin, which will hurt the people and businesses it is supposed to protect. Consumers,…Read More
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