Watch the It's a Girl movie trailer

The "It's a Girl" campaign is all about empowering activists to help tell the world that gendercide is real, it's happening now, and there is something that all of us can do to put an end to it. Here are all the steps you can take to get involved with the…Read More

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2010 Newsletters are going out in the mail this week. Conference calls have begun with Ten Talents to put together a team (or two) of nurses who have applied at our website to be part of a Medical mission to Zambia. Next month we begin collecting applications…Read More

A photobook about Team 2's visit to Zambia!

This is a photo book of Team 2's mission trip to Kabwe, Zambia and the bush village of Susu. We worked so hard - seeing 700 hundred people at the mobile medical clinics, walking up to 10 miles to see patients on home based visits, but we would all do it…Read More

Team 2 to Susu - September 2010

Team 2 left for Zambia on September 16 and arrived there on September 18. We met with Lawrence, Charles and Trina for a short briefing on plans for the week and a tour of Hands at Work new service center! The week was about to begin!!! We were all anxious and…Read More

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Recap of Team I's mission: 1. Teamleader, Therea breaks arm on first day and spends 5 days in 2 hospitals getting cleared to fly home. Russel and members from last years team become impromptu leaders! 2. Sunday-visit Theresa at hospital, church services, then…Read More

Team II arrives in Zambia

Continuing with our 2010 mission, Team II is now in Zambia. They have a busy week ahead of them with home visits to AIDS pts and mobile medical clinics. Team I is home after a great week serving the people is the village of Malikota.

Team 1 has arrived in Zambia!!!

Theresa and Team 1 arrived in Zambia at 12:30am CST or 7:30am Zambia time. The team was on the bus to Kabwe - a 2 hour drive from Lusaka, where the airport is located!! Go Team 1!!
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