Almost $15,000 dollars raised!!! Thanks to everyone for the support!

Hello Friends! Thanks for checking out our page! At age six, Elizabeth Anderson was the 18th female to be diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, and has been in a wheelchair since to age of 8. While some people might let this get them down, Elizabeth keeps on truckin'! She lives her life with such a positive attitude that she inspires others around her to do the same. In fact, she inspired us to ride our bikes from Oregon to Charleston. While we aren't in the best shape right now, we are extremely pumped about this epic ride! Along the way we will spread awareness by telling people about Elizabeth and Muscular Dystrophy. We would love your support as we begin this awesome journey, and don't forget to check back in mid-July as we start posting pictures and videos of the trip!

-John and Rives

1. Raising awareness for Muscular Dystrophy in honor of Elizabeth Anderson

2. www.mda.org