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You're Awesome & Let's Keep it Going

Wow...272 members in just under a week! Thanks to everyone who has joined this're AWESOME!!! Please share this with everyone you know....would love to see this hit a million members! Having a significant membership not only shows our support to the people along the gulf coast, but it creates a vehicle for us to make a significant impact through small individual donations.

I am looking at some possible beneficiaries for a fundraising campaign related to this cause, however, I haven't come across an organization that fits what I have in mind. What I would really like to do is help a significant number of people who have either lost jobs or their small businesses have been severely impacted by this oil spill and aren't getting help from BP or the government. If any member knows of an organization that fits this criteria, I sure would like to hear from you.

The primary focus needs to be in getting the word out about this cause and increasing the membership for the reasons listed above.

Thanks again for joining this worthy cause!!!

I love the gulf coast!!!

Mitch Miller

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