Keep The Gulf Coast Alive Because The Government Won't

BP's Oil Spill Disaster in the gulf is killing the environment, fishing industry, real estate, tourism...you name it. The gulf coast states welcomed us with open arms all these years, let's show them how much we love them and support them now. Whether it is by donating money to the region, keeping the reservation you're thinking of cancelling or whatever...please consider making a tangible difference for this special region of our country. A huge piece of our economy is at stake & we can't be fooled into thinking our federal government will take care of these folks....they won't. Please help!!!

1. Gulf Coast Regions Need Americans to Step Up Now

2. Gulf Coast Always Welcomes You in Good Times; Now They Need You in This Challenging Time

3. Sugar Beaches, Fishing Industry, Tourism, etc. ALL NEED OUR SUPPORT!

4. Cannot Leave This to Government....They've Already Demonstrated Their Lack of Leadership