Business Opportunity

A revolutionary new company is launching in March.This will be the first multi-level medical marijuana marketing company. They have an amazing proprietary high CBD ointment and salve. There is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this company for…Read More

Invite everyone you know that cares about the environment

Hemp is the most important environmental or green cause there is. It trumps all others, while combining their goals. want to stop war and reduce oil hemp want a clean burning non toxic hemp want to make an organic alternative to…Read More

We are up to 1400 members

Hemp is the number one environmental cause and supersedes all others. The impact that industrial hemp growth can have on reducing our carbon footprint is truly staggering. Would you like to live in a world where we no longer cut trees down for paper, would…Read More

If we are to change legislation, we need to get the word out

Knowledge is power. Please help this movement gain power by spreading the message and gaining new supporters. I think 10,000 by the next election is a realistic goal, but I cannot do it without you. If you are passionate about the environment,…Read More

Hello all

With the looming crisis in Japan , and the U.S. still considering Nuclear Power, it is very important that we get the word out on how hemp oil can be used to run power plants. The futrure is the use of hydrogen fuels cells with the hydrogen production powered…Read More

Hello, and thank you for your interest

I would like to thank you all for joining the cause. I truly believe that if enough people are educated we can reverse 50+ years of propaganda and get hemp legalized in the US. When enough people learn the amazing benefits and versatility of this plant I…Read More

The Health Benefits of Hemp,0,6168177.story This is a great article in the Chicago Tribune.If you are not aware of the health benefits of hemp read on. If you are aware forward this to someone who might not be. Through…Read More
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