To document the enstoolment of Queenmother, Nana Ansonmaa III, Akwamufie Twidan Ohemmaa from a multicultural and intergenerational perspective.

From Cubs to Leopards follows my family as we journey to Ghana to witness the enstoolment of my mother, Naana Banyiwa Horne as Queen-Mother.

This will be my first journey as an adult and I want to share this special story with others. This is my families' unique coming-of-age story looking at the collective growth of my family.

I have secured a 501c3 that ensures all donations are tax-deductible. I am asking for support to help me secure the travel of a videographer who graciously is willing to donate his time for the creation of this film.

1. To create a documentary that portrays African culture and people positively

2. To share the diverse history of the Akwamu and other Akan groups in Ghana