Tomorrow is World Water Day!

Did you know that more people have a cell phone than a toilet? More than 2 billion people don't have access to even basic sanitation - like the john. Join CARE and on World Toilet Day ( and tell Congress that safe water and…Read More

Help CARE Plant The Seed For a Brighter New Year

Did you know that this year, U.S. households threw out food amounting to three times the budget of the World Food Program? But families in developing countries all over the world don't know where the next meal will come from. This holiday season, help us…Read More

Support Women Farmers & an End to Global Poverty!

Women farmers account for 90% of the female labor force in Africa, but own less than 1% of the world's land. Make a donation today to help us provide seed packets for women and their families, and to fight global poverty!

Make CARE Your Year-End Charity & Promise a Brighter New Year For Many!

Dear Friends, In the last week of 2011, consider making CARE your year-end charity. (  Your donation will go directly to our poverty-fighting programs helping women, families and whole communities access the tools they need to escape…Read More

Make CARE Your Year-End Charity!

Just a few days left to give! Help us meet our goal by the end of the year, which will be enough to provide 600 families with packets of seeds to grow their own food to eat and sell:

Hurry! Make CARE Your Year-End Charity By Midnight!

Today is the last day to make CARE your year-end charity! Even if we don't meet our fundraising goal, every gift can make an impact. Just $24 can provide 3 families with packets of seeds to plant vegetables to eat and sell. Please don't delay. Make a donation…Read More

"What I saw in Africa is the worst I've ever seen..."

Liz McLaughlin, CARE's foundations unit executive director, says that the suffering she has witnessed in Ethiopia and Kenya is the worst she's ever seen in her 19 years working in international development. There is no end in sight to the suffering going on…Read More
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