Back to Say No to Trident

Trident is on the Agenda at the Liberal Democrats Conference!

September 14th - 18th promises to be a lively time in Glasgow this year.

Just one hour from Faslane and the Trident nuclear weapons system, thousands of Liberal Democrats will be debating the party's future Defence Policy.

The Policy Debate is on Tuesday 17th September at 11.50 a.m.

Can we at last come out in favour of signing a Nuclear Weapons Convention at NPT talks in 2015 leading to multilateral disarmament?

Will unilateralism get more votes this time?

Can we stop the seemingly inevitable upgrading of Vanguard to Successor submarines and will CASD (Continuous at Sea Deterrence) finally come to an end?

Just how many subs will be voted in - if any?

If you are a member, book NOW and support the peacemakers in the party.

If you are not able to come to Conference, why not post your ideas here - we are listening!


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