because nuclear weapons are a bad investment.

This Cause is the public arena for the Say No to Trident group on Lib Dem Act http://act.libdems.org.uk/group/saynototrident

All are welcome, whether they are members of the Liberal Democrats, of other political parties or of none; whether British or otherwise because we are all threatened by the continuing existence of these weapons.

What is Trident? Trident is the multi-warhead, nuclear balistic missile system carried onboard four Vanguard-class submarines of the Royal Navy. The USA also deploy Trident on their Ohio-class boats.

1. The replacement to Trident is going to cost up to £100 billion. Help prevent this waste of money.

2. The Cold War is over and was by the time Trident was introduced. Yet the British government are planning replacement systems for 2020 and 2050AD

3. The ownership of nuclear weapons is in itself a moral outrage.

4. Multilateral disarmament is an excuse to maintain the status quo. Let Britain lead by example by getting rid of them.