To help provide free medical care to very poor rural who would otherwise have no medical care Nigeria

We are a group of health workers practising in the Republic of Ireland. With very little funds we have been able to sponsor doctors and optometrists from the teaching hospital in the city to travel to the remote villages with non-functional health facilities or personnel to provide basic medical care. We procure drugs and materials needed for thr medical outreach/mission and pay the doctors some stipend while the doctors and optometrists provide free basic medical care and eye screening for the community. We also provide free glasses for those dignosed with visual acuity problems and provide free medications for them.
From time to time we hope to be visiting these villages our selves taking with us our skills and basic medical equipments and materials.

Thank you

1. www.manorfieldfoundation.org

2. free affordable primary care to the poor rural Nigerians

3. Chinedu Joseph Nwodo - secretary

4. Dr. Ike Okafor - fiund raising committee chair

5. Dr, Joseph Chukwu - Chairman (dires