hey guys

so there is 2022 of in here..and i think we all joined this group for a reason..panic or anxiety..if you havent shared your story yet..i ask you to do so..i think it all helps to hear everyones story..maybe some of us are going thru the same things..and maybe…Read More

help and good reading

http://www.panicportal.com/order_094202.htm This is information on how to deal with your panic attacks and insight to what the causes them. I ask you all to read this and comment on if this helped you or not.

Learn to prevent panic attacks!!!

Some good reading

The man who wrote this book below name is Joe Barry. He sent me this book for free, because I wrote him an email explain how the free courses had helped me, but I could't afford the book. Sinse I have read this my panic attacks are nothing but a memory. I…Read More
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