Thank you all for you support

We are growing the cause to help children and I thank you all for your support. Of course we appreciate your donations but even more we appreciate you letting us help you. Please let us know if we may help you with your Social Networking needs. All money…Read More

Sorry about the typo

We had 217 the other day when i was asking to push for 300 new members. We still need to push as you can see we have not reached it yet.

Helpless Children

The cause now has 271 active members. Can we all please send this on to all of our friends and make a push to reach the forth level of 300 this weekend. Thank you and God bless


Please visit our website to learn how you can help our Cause. Have a blessed day.

Good day to you all

Thank all of you for joining our cause, many of you have taken the pledge and asked your friend to join as well. I know that too many of us, myself included sometimes FB can be confusing and some of you may not have noticed that you can invite all of your…Read More

Give children hope

THE HELPLESS CHILDREN of the DUMP TOGETHER WE CAN GIVE THEM HELP Off the beaten tourist path in a Mexican city known for its white sand beaches and luxurious resorts lays a mountainous dump - the source of income for poor families living in the communities…Read More

Please Join the Cause

Hello; I am asking everyone I know to join the crusade to HELP Helpless Children. Unite with others all around the world to donate $1.00 today. This by itself will do nothing, but together can change the lives of Helpless Children starting in communities,…Read More
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