Missing persons Week

Please keep sending this on to as many people as you know. Much love, peace and happiness, loads of love JO xxxx

Update to my sister's missing person case

I've recently had communication from the NSW police who are coming up in August to speak with me. I've asked them about age recognition. I hope the meeting is positive but I keep an open mind and always hope for the best. As my lovely friend Ally once said…Read More

Age recognition for Marion

Hi All, im in the process of trying to find a program for age recognition to see how Marion may look today, so watch this space. I hope you are all having a wonderful day/night. Lots of love MISS POSITIVITY Jo Jo xxxx PS: I know many of you are also trying…Read More

My Missing Sister Marion Carol Rees

Hi All, it was suggested to me to see if I could find out if there is someone who could image her how she looks today. I've asked numerous times through the police for this to be done but everything with my sister and the police always seems to go into the…Read More
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