Fretkillr! The sharing continues.....come and see for yourself.....

Everyone go to this link Click on The tribute to FretKillr see what you think. Tell Bob what you think. Tell Bob, Larry sent you...LOL Hammer the servers with hits....LOL Enjoy! Thank Bearcat5100

bearcat5100 on YouTube one more copyright claim and it is gone!

bearcat5100 on YouTube" Well Friends we are coming to the end. The copyright hounds are attacking my posting. Range Road Music has laid claim to What a wonderful World. That is the second one. They are about to disable my Account if I get another one. It has…Read More

Fretkillr made the bites site

Time to go read this about Fretkillr Thanks

Bring Fretkillr back to YouTube

A amazing guitar and harmonica player fretkillr on YouTube was suspended in April 2010. I would like you to Join the cause. if I get lots of interest He still has a lot of support out there. Show that on this petition, and bring him back! Thank you!

Fretkillr Cause (No Donations are required or needed for this cause)

Our goal is to make this Fretkillr Causes Page the best collection of shared knowledge on Fretkillr topic. If you have a passion for Fretkillr, sign up and we'll let you know when we're ready for your help. You can also get us started by suggesting a relevant…Read More
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