To get as many supporters that we can for ohio's HB 79 which would remove pit bulls from the vicious dog list in ohio. This would give thousands of pit bulls a 2nd chance at life every year.

Ohio's HB 79/55 if passed would change the now in place ORC which defines pit bull type dogs vicious animals in the laws eye at the time of birth. Please help support this bill created and supported by ohio's house representative Barbara sears . This could be a huge turn around for ohio and for our pit bull lovers and their dogs ! This bill if passed would save thousands of thses dogs' lives every year. As of now the majority of shelters will not adopt out pit bull type dogs because of the standing law and liability issues. These very misunderstood animals would be based on their actions and not by their looks anymore ! As many of you know Ohio is THE WORST place in the entire country for this breed, this could be a huge change for all of us and a better place to live for our pitties.

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