Improving the quality of life of Cancer Kids in India

To provide proper treatment to the increasing number of children from poor families in and around Madurai and southern Tamilnadu, a separate 20 bedded pediatric oncology Unit established in S.R.Trust - Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, Madurai. The Unit offers almost all the facilities necessary for the care of children with cancer such as radiation therapy, blood bank facilities, pathology and imaging services at the free of cost.

As it is a ward which takes care of all treatment at the free of cost, the incoming children are gradually increasing. Currently 20 children are getting proper treatment under the keen supervision by eminent doctors and a group of energetic and dedicated nurses. Gradually the number may certainly increase expectantly, more than a hundred new children to three hundred new children per year.

Most of the children’s parents are poor and unable to pay for treating their children. The most difficult challenge to us is to meet the needs of the increasing number of patients.

To meet the needs of such poor children, Camila Children’s Cancer Fund (CCCF), established about three years ago pays for costly drugs such as chemotherapeutic drugs and for selected diagnostic tests that are expensive but essential.

Thus we need your help. Donate any amount you can !

How can you help?

Being an Indian charity and not based in the UK/USA, the trust hospital (S.R.Trust Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre ) cannot go through the normal means of Just Giving. But need is the need. Therefore your help can save the children. Your generous help can save and extend the life of children. Donate and Help us raise the much needed funds we ask you follow the following method:

1. Make a gift cheque payable to 'S.R.TRUST' for any given amount (no amount is too small!!)

2. Post your cheque to:
Department of Resource and Development
Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre
Lake Area, melur Road,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu,
India - 625 107.

We will then send the receipt and do the rest!! :-)

[If you prefer to transfer the money directly that you contact us for bank details]

1. I know that About 230,000 children get cancer every year around the world

2. Of those, 200,000 (86%) live in low income countries like India

3. Only 40% of them have access to modern cancer treatment, others get inadequate treatment or no treatment at all.

4. 2,600 children who develop cancer every year in Tamilnadu state alone, only about 1,000 (38%) children are getting proper treatment

5. So, I support this cause and make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.