"Safeguarding Our Lunar Heritage" by Lisa Westwood and Beth O'Leary

Lisa Westwood and Beth O'Leary authored an op-ed piece for "Space News" titled "Safeguarding Our Lunar Heritage," published in "Space News" on December 7, 2011. http://spacenews.com/commentaries/121105-safeguarding-lunar-heritage.html

NASA Symposium

Lisa Westwood and Beth O'Leary will be part of a panel of experts invited by NASA and the Smithsonian to participate in the 1961/1981: Key Moments in Human Space Flight symposium at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC next week. We have been told that the…Read More

Tranquility Base on The Archaeology Channel

The Archaeology Channel is broadcasting an update on the "California Life with Heather Dawson" TV segment in December. If you do not receive The Archaeology Channel, you can watch it online at http://www.archaeologychannel.org/VideoNews.html. The updates,…Read More

TV Interview re: Tranquility Base

Please tune in to see "California Life with Heather Dawson" this weekend to see the segment on historic preservation of Tranquility Base on the moon! It can be seen on local channels in all major markets in California this weekend. It can also be viewed now…Read More

New photo posted

I posted a photo taken of all of us who participated in the interview for the TV show, "California Life with Heather Dawson."

TV Interview on California Life with Heather Dawson

Please tune in to watch "California Life with Heather Dawson" during the weekend of September 19 (if you live in California). They will air a segment on our efforts to protect Tranquility Base, and how we use it in our college curriculum. Interviewed for the…Read More

Meeting with Congress

Lisa Westwood is meeting with Congressman Wally Herger tomorrow about the Tranquility Base National Historic Landmark Act - so please invite as many of your FB friends as possible to this cause!
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