Church Planting & Missions Trips

Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:
A church plant in every unreached village!

Missions Statement:
The mission of Go! Global Missions is to extend the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through activities including but not limited to the establishment of new churches, training of pastors, launching of Global Prayer Sanctuaries (24/7 houses of prayer), conferences to further equip and strengthen pastoral teams, and evangelistic crusades. Go! Global Missions will function as a church which holds meetings for the purpose of prayer, worship, evangelism, discipleship and fellowship. Furthermore, Go! Global Missions will send representatives out to speak, preach, teach or minister to further our mission at churches, ministries, conferences, seminars and other mission opportunities. Go! Global Missions supplementary purpose is to engage in Gospel centered compassion projects including but not limited to medical missions, humanitarian aid, schools, children's homes and may donate start up funds to micro-economic businesses for the support of village churches.

1. Gerald Mwebe, Founder & President

2. Diana Mwebe, Treasurer

3. Laura Sage, Mobile School of Ministry Director