Capitol Champions on May 14!

Hey Everyone, We're coming up on two major events at Stonewall Democrats that everyone can participate in. First, our major fundraiser for the year is coming up on May 14 in Washington, DC. This year we're honoring Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Steve Hildebrand, and…Read More

Exciting: How Facebook Got Me Elected

Dear Stonewall Democrat, I have some exciting news. Please check out the following piece on The Bilerico Project by Nick Shalosky, the 21-year-old Stonewall Democrat who used Facebook to become the first openly gay official in South Carolina. Its an…Read More

PAC Poll--Vote Today for your favorite campaign

Hey Democrats, National Stonewall Democrats PAC is awarding last minute cash to 10 campaigns. We're giving away over $4,000 and you can help us determine how much they're going to get by donating $1 or more to your favorite…Read More

Trans for Obama day--give $5 for Obama **and** equality. :)

Hey Everyone, The trans community and trans allies are doing an awesome job today of getting new donors to the Obama campaign and tracking the money as LGBT and ally! Please give $5 or more today at: We're trying to get to…Read More

DC Fundraisers this week

I wanted to invite you to meet two great pro-equality candidates for Congress this week in Washington.  I encourage you to use these opportunities to help both candidates and expand our Democratic Majorities in Congress. Betsy Markey (CO-4).  Betsy Markey is…Read More

A great party -- and an Open Bar!

Dear Democrats, I want to invite you to a special event I am really excited about - the Stonewall Democrats 2008 Capitol Champions celebration on Tuesday, May 27. Its a great way to support Democratic efforts and have fun with an open bar! This year, the…Read More

Pride in the Party!

National Stonewall Democrats (NSD) has worked closely with the National Committee’s LGBT Caucus to push every state to set goals for LGBT delegates to the convention. But goals are nothing if they are not met. That’s where you come in. We need you and LGBT…Read More
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