We demand the Trial of all listed War Criminals who committed War Crimes during The Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. These War Criminals are listed Pakistani Army and the local Collaborators.

During the war, there were widespread killings of the civilians and other atrocities in which the invading West Pakistani army was aided by local collaborators including newly formed militia wings like Razakar, Al-Badar and Al-Shams Forces. The war resulted in systematic killings of nearly 3-million civillians, according to most estimates. In one of the most tragic human exodus of mankind's recent history, over 10-million people were displaced from their homes, who took shelter in neighbouring India as regufees. The number of women raped during this period exceeded over 200,000. Towards the end of the War, a prominent section of the intellectual community of East Pakistan were systematically abducted and murdered, allegedly by the surrendering army and its collaborators. In recent World-history, 1971 represents one of the fastest genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace that were carried out in Bangladesh.

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