When the Night Comes

When the night comes I still weep my tears as the years go by all the torment from the Nazareth House nuns and priest abuse come forward to haunt me in my dreams waking me up while screaming with tear As my husband tries to calm me down Because 1 am shaking…Read More

Hear our Cries

Hear our Cries It seems to me that the world has always taken children for granted, with no rights what so ever. I know you all know about the orphans in the catholic orphanages from the late 1800 to 1980s of how the unwanted children were abused and sexual…Read More

Sexual Abuse Scars the Children for Live

Sexual Abuse Scars the Children for Live This has happened world wide. The sexual abuse children who are sacred for life and we have carried our horrid secret within us for years, because to tell of what the nuns and priest did to us was a worse sin against…Read More

(no subject)

Dear Ann Your letter to the pope is very, very moving. It brought a very emotional reaction in me. I don't believe I have seen a letter yet that captured the horror of what you and others have gone through. God bless you. You are a true hero and whether you…Read More
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