The "Oasi Nuova Vita" in Puglia

Building a better future for the dogs of South-Italy

The little dog house is ready

Now they can be saved from the streets and from the terrible dog shelters of Puglia

Saving pets abandonated in Puglia/South Italy

This pets- only a few days old, were abbondonatid. The italian animalists took care of them. Thanks!

Oasi Nuova Vita: building up a better world for the strays in South Italy

The situation in Italy, especially South Italy: Despite of the existing Italian animal welfare law 291/91, every year more than 100.000 domestic dogs are abandoned, less than 10% of the domestic animals will be castrated and chipped. Every year thousands of…Read More

Marta : abbanonated and save by italian animalists

Marta, an little dog in Puglia, was abbandonated in Manduria/Puglia in South Italy. But the animalists cood help her. Se has found her family. Thanks to Luigia Parco from Puglia!

Interview with Luigia Parco and Andrea Simeoni

Roland Eichler from Tierschutzprojekt Italien speeks with Luigia Parco and Andrea Simeoni..

Happy end for Conte, the dog from Puglia

Ciao to Italy!
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