Disability Awareness and Advocacy

As a sister living with 2 brothers with disabilities, I grew up witnessing first-hand the ignorance of man-kind. This has always been a major upset for me to understand how cruel and unaccepting some people can actually be of other human beings. I myself was labeled and ridiculed growing up as a child because of my brothers disabilities, CP and Autism. This is very disturbing and unnecessary behaviour to have to deal with as a young child. This just made me a stronger person and made me love, and respect my brothers even more. It has over the years made me realize, that there is not enough advocates for disability awareness in our communities as there should be. So I do this for people who cannot speak for themselve. We need to stand up to ignorance and teach others the meaning of unconditional respect for all individuals...People with disabilities play a vital role in our community. They are no different than you and I, and I feel that they are not given the respect that they deserve. Let's show them that we care, and that we are all equal contributors to our community.
This group is for any individual living with physical, mental and or emotional disabilities and their friends and families. All are welcome to share stories of hope and stories of sadness, feel free to express your views and experiences whether recent or old. If you need to vent do so, we are all friends here to help and offer support to one another.

Thank you for your support.....It only takes one person to make a difference.


* Disclaimer:

It is against Federal Law to post specific medical information about any individual, before posting pictures, full names or anything else specific about any individual please read the following...


1. We are all equal contributors in society.

2. Educate communities on Disability Awareness

3. In memory of my brother Stephen who passed away at the age of 29, after a valiant life with Cerebral Palsy.

4. For my brother Peter who is living with Autism, and my daughter who has Fibromyalgia.