We seek to prevent the deactivation of Louisisana State University's Master of Library and Information Science Program through networking & raising awareness of the value of our information program

As a recent graduate of the LSU SLIS program and employee of LSU Libraries system, I appreciate the value of libraries and our ever-increasing need for information management in the Digital Age, in both print and digital libraries. With the advent of the Internet and the increasing flow of electronic information, information professionals will be in even higher demand, for knowledge that is not indexed or easily found is information that is useless. Our program trains professionals to properly deal with, organize and make available information of all types for the betterment of the communities we serve.

LSU's announcement of their decision to phase out only this Master's program, along with other programs that primarily deal with languages and arts, indicates the level of misunderstanding and lack of value with which the upper echelons regard our valuable and highly esteemed program. Perhpas they, like many others, erroneously believe that Google and the Internet have rendered libraries obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth. In their attempts to save money and cut corners by eliminating programs, the administrators of LSU have made a serious miscalculation.

LSU's SLIS program offers classes to a wide community of students all over the country via long distance two-way video conferencing, and employs some of the highest esteemed professors in the country on a wide number of information topics.

LSU's SLIS is the only Library/Information Science program in the state, and its loss and the loss of our professors would be a travesty and disservice to Louisiana and the students who attend LSU.

Join us in helping us resist this unfair and uninformed impending decision. We expect to be writing letters to the Board of Regents and other governing bodies and presenting a show of support for our program in other ways. Thank you!

1. We seek to inform the community of the value of libraries

2. We seek to educate our university community on the value of our information science program

3. We seek to prevent the dismissal of our valuable program from LSU's curriculum due to budget cuts