vote both JYJ and TVXQ at MAMA Awards and GDA

TVXQ and JYJ needs your vote guys ,,, vote for TVXQ on MAMA Awards by clicking this link and choose "Voting Start" and then vote for both JYJ and TVXQ for GDA by clicking this link for the voting tutorial…Read More

support UNAIDS to love always the others

Follow this link : UNAIDS campaingn --> show support to others from now on @UNAIDS with @6002theMicky @mjjeje @0101xiahtic

where's you vote for TVXQ and JYJ?

hey ... where's your vote vor #JYJ guys ?? C'mon let's vote both of them TVXQ - Mirotic and JYJ - Ayy Girl ... Don't make our oppa sad guys ... JYJ - Ayy Girl's vote until now 509 votes TVXQ - Mirotic's vote until now 1038 votes JYJ and TVXQ needs…Read More

vote both of TVXQ - MIROTIC and JYJ - Ayy Girl on HelloKpop MV Ranking

new comer on HelloKpop MV Ranking guys,"TVXQ - MIROTIC" yup this one is their new list on MV ranking. Do u know what is that mean? We have to VOTE it ... open and click "I LIKE THIS", You can click it not…Read More

vote #JYJ in MV Ranking

let's help #JYJ to win MV Ranking ... this is the step by step : 1. open for the information 2. click on JYJ's Ayy Girl name 3. and then click "I Like This" c'mon…Read More

need more admin

hi cassies all over the world I need your spare time ,,, I need more admin to organize this cause and I think because eemm u know this cause had been reached 9.801 members and i think that's a huge number of members so i can't settle it down on myself…Read More

JYJ are boyband who have the highest income

do you know that JYJ are the richest boyband in Korea ?? they're earn 37.7 billion won/ year ... that is not a small number right ?? give applause for their effort ^^
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