How soon can we get to 10,000?

Things have slowed down conciderably since we recieved 5000 member. We all need to continue to send invites to our friends. I'm sure most of us get new 'friends' on a regualr basis. Don't forget to ask them, and remind those we've invited ands have not yet…Read More

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Tomorrow (November 2) is the day things can shift back. We have a muslim president to so supports the mosque. We need to change the congress to a majority (preferably all) republican congress. Then, we push hard on the congress to not only get rid of a man…Read More

Invite!! Invite!! Invite!!

Surely, there are only 4939 people upset about this!!! Send invites to all who see this as a travisty!!!

Nearly 5000!!!

Friends, over 4000 people have let America know that they are unhappy with the mosque being near Ground Zero. Push your friends to join us. We will then try to get our congress to take action against the mosque. Some say that it's not congress' move, but they…Read More

1183 and counting!!

Thank everyone for sending out invites to your friends! We are well on our way to getting ourselves noticed by the right people. Keep up the good work!

Approaching 500!!

There are many people finding this cause!! Everyone, please, continue to pass this cause to your contacts!!

The word is getting out...

In less than 48 hours, we gained more than 100 new members!! Please, EVERYONE. continue to get your friends from your facebooks! I'm going to make an e-mail specifically for this cause in petition form. Please, HAVE EVERYONE SIGN IT!! Jut send a simple…Read More
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