CSW is considering building a new dormitory expanding campus community

CSW Trustees are approaching agreement to build a new dormitory that will strengthen community life on campus. The new dorm will replace White Farm, currently CSW's smallest dorm. The new dorm will be larger, in keeping with the other three dorm houses.…Read More

Future Children’s Garden plans—letter from Jane Moulding, December 2010

Since last spring the Children's Garden Study Group, led by Susan MacDonald, former Children’s Garden director, and Justine Roberts '89, former Children’s Garden parent, has continued to research future directions for the program. The primary goal is to…Read More

A Once and Future Preschool for CSW? Stay Tuned

Jane Moulding will host a meeting of all the groups currently working on the possible future of a Children’s Garden program. Based on all of the current energy, and in the hopes of helping the groups know what each is doing, she will facilitate a conversation…Read More

Once and Future CSW Children's Garden?

Oct 2010 Timberframe Workshop visited the once and future Children’s Garden with the CG Study Group. They were astounded by the beauty and functionality of the playground beneath a most stately sycamore. What a loss. However, into the woods we went behind the…Read More

Timberframe Workshop to meet with CSW community to explore a new preschool.

Chris Madigan and Annette Dey of the Timberframe Workshop will join us for lunch at our Thursday Oct 28 meeting. Chris will give an overview to Timberframe buildings with images of how they engage people in the building process, including a Bell Tower with…Read More


Hello everyone!! I was thinking today about we all have different reasons we are connected to the Children's Garden, and we all have different ways it has affected us. From just the fact that it is at building at CSW, or you loved working there when it was…Read More

Children’s Garden Re-opening Project!

Hey All, If you enjoy working with children we hope you will join us onstage after assembly. We (Briton Ash & Ali Eddy) will be putting together a list of interested students that want to help re-build CG. CG is our preschool in the exploratory stages of…Read More
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