To raise awareness and money so that manatees will no longer be threatened into extinction

Manatees are the creatures pirates and sailors used to call "Mermaids", and where we got the term "Sirens", due to the scientific order they are classified in: Sirenia. They are mammals, so they breathe air and must surface at least every 20 minutes. This is why they are hit by boats and boat propellers so often. Recreational boaters in Florida (and a few other states in the US) speed in areas already marked with a speed limit rather than slowing down and looking for our slow-moving friends, the manatees. If we raise more awareness and love for the manatee - and money to enforce the laws in these areas, we can save the gentle giants rather than watch them slowly die out. The environment of the area depends on it.

1. Manatees are gentle, curious, vegetarians who have no natural preditors and cannot live in water below 60F

2. There are approximately only 3300 manatees left in the Florida area

3. Manatees are mammals, just like dolphins and whales and must surface to breathe air every 5 to 20 minutes, thus the problem with sport boaters

4. We can make the most impact on their survival by maklng simple changes in our boating habits

5. http://www.savethemanatee.org