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We are really growing in size......Please invite your friends so we can keep growing!!!!!!!!

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As of 6-11-2010....we have 88 members. Facebook is telling me that we need just 12 more members to reach the next cause group size. I am very excited about this. Please invite your friends, post the cause on your Wall or Profile.We have the potential to help…Read More


Our cause is growing rapidly. We currently have 81 members. Please put the word out, post the cause on your walls and invite your friends. Let's put the cause over the top: Help us get 100 members!!! We can do it!!!


Our cause now has 48 members. A lot of you out there are spreading the word and we are growing in size. Please continue to tell people about the project or post it on your wall,etc.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.The Dream has come True....

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Please tell your friends about our cause and invite them to join: There are some great links about self-injury, sexual abuse(a lot of people that use SI were sexually abused when they were young), as well as an awesome site on eating disorders, which very…Read More

New Members:

Our cause really needs your support....Please ask your friends to join and lets start helping people that need it.....

New Members:

Our cause has only three members as of right now....We need three more to move to the next level. PLEASE invite your friends to join the cause. We have the potential to help a lot of people if we get the word out that there is a new site about self-injury.
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