We want to get Congress to stop funding these endless wars & occupations in the Middle East.

Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara are working each and every month, as part of PDA National's Brown Bag Lunch Vigils, to convince our Congresswoman, Lois Capps, to vote NO on any further War Funding Bills coming from the White House.
We are also working diligently to elect Progressive candidates for office in both Sacramento and Washington D.C. to obtain needed social programs, including Universal Single Payer Health Care & increased Public Education funding by pressuring our state and national governments to use our tax dollars to these ends and to create new green energy technologies and Green jobs to get our nation off fossil fuel dependence so we can live in Peace with the rest of the World and raise our standard of living for Middle Class families and all our people once again!
The future of our Democracy and the survival of millions of American people are at stake.

1. End Wars & Occupation, Redirect Funding

2. Health Care for All Americans

3. Equality & Social Justice