To fight back against pediatric cancer by funding innovative research

This cause was made in honor of Jacob Wetchler, to gather a community that will actively help him in his fight for justice against cancer.

Jake would often say to us, "Don't let the cancer win." As a martial artist and philosopher, he knew that we could choose our attitude, whether to be overwhelmed by cancer and let it destroy our spirit or to fight back as he did, with dignity, strength, outspoken truthfulness, and good humor. Jake always chose not to let cancer win, and even in his death he was not defeated. We who remain also have choices to make, and we have chosen to continue Jake's fight.

One of the things that Jake made clear was that he considered cancer not just a disease but an injustice. He wanted to do something that would prevent other kids from ever having to go through what he did; specifically, he wanted to fund research and asked us to donate his own savings to that cause.

With Jake's desires in mind, we have established the Jake Wetchler Foundation for Innovative Pediatric Cancer Research. The purpose of the foundation is to help achieve breakthrough advances in one or both of the following areas:

Understanding the causes of pediatric cancer and preventing children and young adults from contracting cancer in the first place
Developing innovative techniques for the treatment of pediatric cancer that will have a major impact on survival rates and/or reduce the suffering experienced by patients during and after treatment.

What will be unique about this foundation as compared to other established cancer-fighting organizations is that it will enable scientists to pursue novel ideas that would be difficult to fund through traditional sources. With help from a scientific advisory board, we will further refine these goals, but the desired impact will remain the same: to reduce suffering and help prevent cancer from robbing children and young adults of their futures and their promise.

If you would like to make a more personal donation, you can make your check payable to "The Jake Wetchler Foundation" and send it to 401 Sherry Way, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. If you would like more information, you can also contact Jean Singer at [email protected].

Thank you for your donation to fighting pediatric cancer!


1. He made a difference in our lives, now we should make a difference for him.

2. www.DontLetTheCancerWin.org