Las Conchas Fire Woke Us Up—Let Us Now Stop The Plutonium Bomb Factory

Article by Subhankar Banerjee, July 1, 2011 The Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico is still burning. It is rapidly growing by the day. On June 29, I did…Read More

New Mexico: Stand Up! Come to the PUBLIC Hearings.

Tell the Department of Energy what you think of its plan to build a huge new facility (the “CMRR-Nuclear Facility”) in Los Alamos’ Plutonium Bomb Manufacturing Complex. This is YOUR chance to speak out and demand alternatives to a new ~6 billion dollar waste…Read More


Following the release this week of the DOE's draft CMRR-Nuclear Facility Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement thirty organizations from New Mexico and around the country wrote to DOE calling for three additional public hearings, and an extension of 75…Read More

Fundraising to Stop New Nuclear Weapons Production Facilities

This is a critical time for us to influence the budgets of two proposed new bomb facilities. We could use some encouragement, particularly in the form of donations to our fiscal agent Southwest Research and Information Center, a non-profit organization in…Read More

Los Alamos Lab to Release Plans for Plutonium Bomb Plant on Good Friday and Earth Day

A Los Alamos National Laboratory official has stated that, ironically, on Good Friday and Earth Day the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) will release an environmental impact statement for a huge new plutonium facility at LANL. This facility…Read More

Lab Director Links Los Alamos Seismic Risks to Japan

We are pleased that even Los Alamos Director Michael Anastasio is sobered by the escalating tragedy in Japan as a lesson learned in nuclear safety. However, he is using the opportunity to advocate for expanded nuclear weapons production through an exorbitant…Read More

Our hearts and prayers go out go out to the people of Japan.

As Japan is faced with the possibility of nuclear meltdowns or nuclear fuel fires in five earthquake-damaged nuclear reactors, the U.S. and other countries are re-considering nuclear plans. Old unanswered questions are being raised again: Can nuclear…Read More
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