19 Birthday celebrations never held

the 1st of November would have been Cameron's 19th Birthday. We never got to celebrate even his first birthday! Who knows what sort of boy he would have been now. All we can remember is the cute little blonde boy he was before he died. We try not to…Read More

Mervyn Keith Hull's second application to be released on parole

Mervyn Keith Hull is a convicted child killer. He kidnapped and murdered in a brutal way his baby son,a little boy that he should have loved, cherished and protected. It was a premeditated act. He has shown no remorse except for himself when he realized that…Read More

Meeting with Chair Person of Parole Board

Tuesday the 9th April I will have an opportunity to discuss the recommended parole with Francis Nelson and ask a few questions, that have not yet been answered.  Whilst my first meeting with the parole board after his initial application for parole was…Read More

Parole Board RECOMMENDS release

Today I was advised by the office of victims rights, that after the parole hearing yesterday for Mervyn Keith Hull, killer of his baby son Cameron James Hull, the parole board have decided to RECOMMEND the release on parole to the executive council!…Read More

Advertiser gets on board to spread the word

Transcript from Court of Appeals sentencing

http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/sinodisp/au/cases/sa/SASC/1997/6097.html?query=^Mervyn%20Hull this link will take you to the transcript of the court of appeals when they extended the original non parole period of 9 years to 14! Although we cant get the…Read More

Another application for parole = another request for support from public to stop his release

Mervyn Keith Hull - murder of his 9 month old son Cameron James Hull - has reapplied for parole and is waiting for the parole board to recommend his release. After one application and one recommendation for release on parole by the parole board, the executive…Read More
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