PAROLE Release 30/4/18

Looks like the Parole board have approved his release into the Adelaide community! As of 30th of April this year he will be free to roam, with some Parole Conditions, in our community. Walking beside you and your family, stopping in to Centrelink to…Read More

Parole Release Looming - moved to Pre -release centre

I just heard today that Mervyn Hull has been moved to the pre release centre. Thishappened before christmas mind you, and i was not told - as the Correctional Services " dont like to contact victims around christmas time"! WTF!? I was in Adelaide and could…Read More

No body, No parole laws may help us

With the recent changes to the parole laws in south australia the "no body no parole" rule has been brought into place. I recently had a phone call from a police officer from Major Crime who was asked to write a report for the parole board. He was not…Read More

New parole review panel could see the release on parole

Mervyn Keith hull murdered his 9 month old son whilst on a supervised access visit ! He is in gaol and serving a life sentence however He is eligible for parole and has applied -again. Recent changes to the parole board has removed the power of overturning…Read More

Government introduces 'no body, no parole' rule for South Australia

Parole Refused by Executive Council

Today I have been advised by the Victims of Crime people that Parole has been REFUSED by executive council! You bloody rippa! Unfortunately, he has rights, and can re apply for parole again in 6 months! But for now, I will celebrate in relief temporarily…Read More

19 Birthday celebrations never held

the 1st of November would have been Cameron's 19th Birthday. We never got to celebrate even his first birthday! Who knows what sort of boy he would have been now. All we can remember is the cute little blonde boy he was before he died. We try not to…Read More
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