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Today, an inspiring group of artists -- including Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz, Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman -- are taking a bold stand alongside members of the Global Zero movement just like you in a powerful new video…Read More

Defend Indigenous People and the Amazon

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An idea that changed the world:

You need to see this video. Your friends and family need to see this video. President Obama needs to see this video.  Please watch and share it today and help us spread the word.…Read More

Dear President Obama: FOUR YEARS AGO IN PRAGUE,.......

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Queen Noor in nuclear wake-up call

Queen Noor in nuclear wake-up call Suha Philip Ma’ayeh, Foreign Correspondent Last Updated: June 17. 2010 12:37AM UAE / June 16. 2010 8:37PM GMT

Liam Fox has said it is time to move on from the cold war but has also decided to exclude Trident - a symbol of the cold war - from the review.

Trident should not be overlooked by the Strategic Defence Review. The new Conservative Defence Secretary Liam Fox has stated 'we need to move on from the cold war' in the new Strategic Defence and Security Review. However he has also stated that our Trident…Read More
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