SBS: A highly suspicious diagnosis.

‎"Perhaps the only thing worse than losing a child would be to be wrongfully accused of causing the death. The evidence thought to indicate shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is under review and re-definition. Previously doctors believed that shaking alone was a…Read More

Please write statements of support for Heidi asap..

Hello to all: We are collecting statements from everyone who knows Heidi or who was ever around her in the past, regarding her good character, her kindness, and her great rapport with children, her own and others. I need these statements emailed to me asap,…Read More

Happy Birthday to Heidi!

Heidi celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday. Dustin, Deric, and Dylan went to see her on her birthday. Kristian, Jamie, Claire, Karley, and Rachel visited her today. She has had a full weekend and sends her love out to all. She misses everyone so much! Thank…Read More

Another exciting step forward!

Hi Everybody: Dustin and I met with Heidi's attorney from the Innocence Project yesterday. We received really great news; I can only tell you that her case is moving forward and there is evidence showing what we have always known; she is innocent. Please…Read More

Tis the season...

My daughter, Heidi, is surviving her wrongful incarceration here in Washington State. The Innocence Project, NW gained some ground through the courts this summer. Heidi could really use more support from the outside, from anyone available to visit her and/or…Read More

Heidi's IPNW attorney is visiting her as I write this!

Lets keep the faith for the truth to come out for this case; I was on the phone with the other attorney for almost an hour last week. Progress on this case is moving, and one of the attractive aspects of this case is the kind of person Heidi is and how Dustin…Read More

Dept. of Corrections is preparing to move Heidi

Heidi is being moved to minimum security and the DOC is planning to move her to Mission Creek, a different facility than the one she has been in since she was incarcerated four long years ago. She has asked to remain at WCCW in Gig Harbor but her request has…Read More
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